How to Apply

The 2024 application period will be open from October 1, 2023 to January 3, 2024.

1. Please review the program website prior to starting your application. 

2. Register for an account by clicking here

3. Complete the eligibility questions. Click here to see the Eligibility Requirements.

4. Prepare and upload the following documents to the site:

  • A personal statement (2-3 pages) describing your relevant career interests and past experiences in your area of interest and how experience at NOAA will fit into your career goals. Please include the following elements in your personal statement:
    • Describe your educational path and how you got there.
    • What are your career goals and how do they relate to NOAA's mission? This is the most critical component of your statement but there are many ways to answer this question. You do not need to aspire to work at NOAA nor do you need to have your career path fully planned at this point, but the linkage between what NOAA does and where you want to go professionally should be clear.
    • What do you expect to get out of the internship?
    • What strengths, experiences, characteristics etc makes you unique?
    • Describe any significant challenges you faced (optional)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)/resume. You are not limited to one page.
  • A transcript (unofficial is sufficient) from your current institution and your prior institution if you are a transfer student. If you are graduate student, please include both undergraduate and graduate transcripts. 

4.   Two letters of recommendation must be submitted on your behalf. At least one reference must be from a professor or academic advisor.  The second reference may be either an academic reference or a character reference that can speak to your capabilities and interests as they relate to the internship. After you submit your request for letters, please verify with your references that they received the request. You are also responsible for checking your application status online to ensure both letters have been submitted by the deadline.  

5.  BE SURE TO HIT SUBMIT! You're application will not be reviewed if you don't, even if it is complete!

Please note that verbal acceptance of any internship offer should be considered equal to written acceptance.  Please do not accept the offer if you have any doubts or are awaiting other internship opportunities that you prefer.